Tom H.
Pleasant Hill, Oregon, USA

Using these on cattle fence. Excellent product.

You should strike up a deal with Home Depot. Lots of fence out west.

I am impressed with the ease of use and how solid they hold!

McKinstry Plant, Donacloney, Co. Down, NI

I have just finished fencing a grass pitch for Smithvale Dog Centre. I found them quick and simple to use, a lot easier than using a hammer.

I also see a very big advantage, they will be very easy to remove if the fence needs repairing.

I still have some in stock, I will contact you when I need more.

Kenny A.
Laurel Hill Farm, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Just to inform you that now I have used your product, I find it to have the following advantages

  1. Ease of use
  2. Able to be used in light and deep hedging were conventional staples are unsuitable.
  3. A great hammer arm saver during long runs of fencing.


Colin E.
CET CryoSpas, Dromore, Co Down, Northern Ireland

Just thought I would drop you a line about your hammerless staples. I needed a temporary pen a few weeks ago and not only were the gaffer staples really easy to use as a one man operation but when it came to moving the pen they were really easy to take out and re-use.

The last time I did it with standard staples and I needed assistance to hold the wire while hammering them in but worse still I totally ruined the netting wire trying to pull them out. Great idea!

Valerie S.
Smithvale Dog Centre, Northern Ireland

Good morning Falkiner

Thank you for supplying Gaffer staples for the fencing of our latest grass pitch. Smithvale Dog Centre has now 2 acres of secure fencing where dogs can run free with no chance of escaping.

Very easy product to use, you don’t have to be a fencing expert to work it out. Brilliant all round service.

Thank you Valerie

Dr. Rodger T.
Wetherby, Yorkshire, UK


I just wanted to say thanks from Wetherby, Yorkshire.

I have just used my order of Gaffer Staples to fix my fence. They were so quick and easy to use.

I am originally from Newry and it was great to order and use a Northern Ireland product.

Wishing you continued success!