Designed from experience

A lifelong farmer, Falkiner Small had constant fencing issues keeping his sheep and cattle securely fenced in. Using a hammer and staple meant you really needed three hands to attach barbed wire, or netting wire, to a fence post. And even more so when attaching wire to a thorn hedge. So Falkiner set about designing a simpler solution and the Gaffer Staple was born: the Gaffer Staple, or Fence Clip.

The Fence clip can be fitted on the fence post using a battery operated drill, taking the agony out of fencing and allowing the operator to fence with just two hands!

fencing farmer
Gaffer Staples

Fencing made easy

The Gaffer Staple or fence clip is used on intermediate posts. And the Gaffer 8 is used on the end posts to hold the wire tight.

The Gaffer clip is durable and outlasts standard staples. It does not pull out and holds fence wire firmly to the post, creating a stronger fence and resistance to animal pressure from both sides of the fence.

You can remove the Gaffer Clip easily using the battery operated drill, when required. The self drilling screw makes it easier to drill into all types of wood (fencing posts, trees, hedges, plastic posts etc.) and loose wires can easily be tightened without a major re- fencing operation.

Gaffer Staples are manufactured from 4mm mild steel and then zinc plated.

Enjoy the benefits

The major benefits of the Gaffer Clips are:

  • The time saved for the busy farmer.
  • The height of the wires can easily be changed to accommodate different sizes of livestock.
  • Perhaps most importantly, they are safe to use and there will be no injured fingers !!

Its child play using Gaffer Staples