Gaffer StaplesWhat makes the Hammer-Less Gaffer Staple different from a standard fence staple?

The biggest difference is the convenience of using a battery operated drill rather than a hammer. This means you can easily construct fences with two hands rather than three and no more bruised thumbs.

The Gaffer Fence Staple and the Gaffer ‘8’s have been designed to attach barbed wire, plain wire, sheep wire, netting wire etc. to fencing posts, hedges, saplings and trees.

The use of a pozi-drive screw attached to a battery operated drill with a magnetic bit holder (one that has two magnets), which holds the screw and staple in place, allows the user to attach the staple using a single-handed operation.

The Gaffer Staple is used in intermediate posts and the Gaffer ‘8’ is used at the end post to hold the wire taut.

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Benefits of the Gaffer Staple compared to standard Fence Staples

Aside from not needing a hammer, or a third hand, the Gaffer Staple is durable, does not pull out, outlasts standard staples and holds the wire firmly to the post, creating a stronger stock proof fence. Its extra strength means it is more resistant to livestock pressure from either side of the fence.

Additionally, the Gaffer Staple can be re-used, e.g. if you want to move or modify the fence, as the Gaffer Staple can easily be removed using the same battery operated drill. It is also ideal for easily and rapidly repairing existing fences.

Using self-drilling screws makes it easier to drill into all types of wood as well as plastic and metal.


The Gaffer Staple

  • saves a huge amount of time for the busy farmer
  • allows the height of the wire to be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes of livestock
  • is most importantly, safe to use – no more bruised thumbs.


The old method using a hammer and a traditional Staple



The new simpler method using the Gaffer Staple



Easy fencing with Gaffer Staples



Removing the Gaffer Staple from the fence



Hens in a Frame




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