Using these on cattle fence. Excellent product.

You should strike up a deal with Home Depot. Lots of fence out west.

I am impressed with the ease of use and how solid they hold!

Tom H.Pleasant Hill, Oregon, USA

I have just finished fencing a grass pitch for Smithvale Dog Centre. I found them quick and simple to use, a lot easier than using a hammer.

I also see a very big advantage, they will be very easy to remove if the fence needs repairing.

I still have some in stock, I will contact you when I need more.

JasonMcKinstry Plant, Donacloney, Co. Down, NI

Just to inform you that now I have used your product, I find it to have the following advantages

  1. Ease of use
  2. Able to be used in light and deep hedging were conventional staples are unsuitable.
  3. A great hammer arm saver during long runs of fencing.


Kenny A.Laurel Hill Farm, Lurgan, Northern Ireland