Welcome to Gaffer Staples – the simpler, faster fencing concept for farmers, contractors and DIY experts.

The Gaffer Staple, or fence clip, enables you to quickly and securely fasten wire, without the need for a hammer.

This makes fencing a simple single-handed operation rather than a two man job – making it a brand-new fencing concept.

By using a battery operated drill, a magnetic screw holder, a pozi-drive screw and a Gaffer Staple, you can do fencing jobs effectively, efficiently and in double quick time.

fencing gaffer staples
The Gaffer Staple or fence clip is used on intermediate posts and the Gaffer 8 is used on the end posts to hold the wire tight.

Gaffer Staples can easily be secured to fencing posts, hedges, saplings and trees.

Whether you need to keep livestock in, or out, or you are constructing a chicken run, a rabbit hutch or a dog pen or you want to keep rabbits out of your vegetables, Gaffer Staples offer a simple solution.

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Get fencing jobs done more effectively, efficiently and in double quick time

Keep livestock in or out

Keep farm animals securely fenced in. When fencing needs to be moved or removed, this is a simple job with Gaffer Staples.
sheep fencing
chicken run

Construct a chicken run, a rabbit hutch or a dog pen

Quickly build a hutch or pen on your own, with Gaffer staples it’s even easier. See our guide or get in touch with any questions.


Gaffer Staples can be easily attached to a thin sapling or to a springy hawthorn bush.
fencing gaffer staples
metall frame

Metal frames

Gaffer Staples can be used to attach wire mesh and expanded metal to wood and metal frames.

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Recycled Plastic Agricultural Fence post

This Recycled Plastic Agricultural Fence post was installed 30 years ago in a fence, and it still is as good today as when it was first installed.

At that time 30 years ago the plastic posts had to be predrilled to accommodate the staple.

Gaffer Staples had not been invented then..

Make your fencing last a long time using LLplastic fence posts and Gaffer Staples to attach the wire.

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